Friday, September 15, 2006

Sad And Happy....

Yesterday we had to rush our 13 year old cat, Sooty, to the vet`s. She was unable to walk and obviously in intense pain.
The vet thought she may have been involved in a car accident and might have suffered a fractured pelvis and deep vein thrombosis, as one of her back legs was grossly swollen and cold to the touch.

She was kept in overnight on painkillers and heparin to thin the blood, and this morning a load of blood tests were done to assess kidney and liver functions to exclude diabetes and thyroid problems as she has become really thin over the last few weeks, despite eating large quantities of food.

The blood results were quite good, so the vet recommended a thorough examination under general anaesthetic and a series of x-rays of the pelvis and leg. She phoned us back to give us bad news - there was a huge cancerous tumour the size of a large satsuma orange deep in her pelvis, which was blocking off the main artery through the pelvis to the leg. It was an inoperable tumour and as she was in a lot of pain, the advice was euthanasia.

I went to the surgery and I held Sooty in my arms, and she was nuzzling into me and purring whilst she was being put to sleep. A gentle end for a loving and sweet cat.
But I still broke my heart. Sleep peacefully, dear Sooty....

It has been a day of mixed emotions; today is my beloved husband`s 40th birthday.
Many Years, love of my life!
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Dave Holford said...

My condolences on the passing of your cat.

And my God grant your husband many years!

Ian said...

Many, many years to your husband.

I also once had a cat called Sooty: though she ran away before she died -- apaprently that often happens. My condolences also.

Mimi said...

Many, many years to your dear Husband.

The pain of losing a pet is deep, may God comfort you during this time.