Sunday, September 24, 2006


I shall be glad to see the back of this weekend.

DH went foodshopping, and spotted some nice ready-made meals on ridiculously cheap special offer at the supermarket. He bought loads of them . And I mean loads, thinking that it would save me having to cook so much over the weekend, bless him.

But there was one slight problem. He hadn`t realised they were *frozen* ready meals (not keep-chilled with plenty of time left before their expiry dates), and needed to be kept frozen. When he got home, he loaded them all in the fridge, and it was only after they had all defrosted that I opened the fridge and went "uh-oh". So we have eaten lots of them. Burp.

Bearing in mind my food budget for the four of us plus dog is £70 a week, to have to eat about £15 of ready meals in 24 hours was a bit of a blow, not to mention over-loading the stomachs :-)

The dog had a lucky escape from serious injury when DH left an empty Coke tin in the living-room with the dog. When DH went in again, the tin had disappeared into a shower of literally hundreds of tiny shards all over the floor, pulverised by Basil`s powerful jaws. Luckily the dog appears to have suffered no ill-effects.

The straw that broke the camel`s back was DH returning from walking Basil yesterday with the admission he had lost his wedding ring. He was desperately upset; after all, this was one of the pair that had been blessed in Church for our Betrothal service, then our Crowning service. We all piled out and retraced his steps as far as possible, but the wilderness where we generally walk the dog is acres and acres of dune-land and scrubland, loads of bushes etc, so impossible to search properly. We even went on the beach, in case it had dropped in the sand or shingle there, but to no avail.

Ho hum.

After the unscheduled expense of the poor cat last week, there is no way we can afford another £150 to replace the ring for the forseeable future.
Not the most peaceful and pleasant weekend we have ever had, I have to say.......
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Laura said...

so sorry that you've had a rough weekend! I hope things improve once the week begins...

Anonymous said...

Prayers for a better week from me too.

Mimi said...

I'm so sad to hear of your weekend.

My Dh lost his wedding ring years ago, in fact the one he now wears I picked up for ten dollars at a flea market in college (so he's had it like 11 years, and we've only been married 15). His original one, his now late father made.