Sunday, September 10, 2006

Holidays Part Two

In the evening we went to the caravan site`s entertainment complex so the girls could see the Bradley Bear and Rory The Tiger live show, which they love and they still really enjoy it, LOL.

The fun really started when we got back to the caravan and the girls started to squabble over the sleeping arrangements.
We had one double bedroom and two separate twin bedded rooms in the caravan. Would the girls share one bedroom together ? No chance. Both of them wanted to bag the other bed in the room my mum had chosen, so in the end, DH chose the spare room and Abby insisted on having the other bed in his room.

In theory I should have had the delight of spreading myself in a double bed, but it didn`t quite work out like that ! Every hour or two (yawn!) Abby would wake up and whichever parent wasn`t in th room with her was of course the one she desperately *had* to see , so a fair amount of bedroom commuting was done that night.She did eventually decide to sleep in the big bed with me, but the morning zoomed around really quickly to find me heavy-eyed.

Family Council of War was held over Sunday breakfast to decide what was going to be done that day. I was quite keen to see Carew castle and Tidal Mill, especially as the Sealed Knot re-enactment group were holding a Civil War period day, but Helen was less than enthusiastic and we decided in favour of a completely child-orientated day at Folly Farm.

When we checked the web site, DH and I thought it seemed rather over-priced, but I have to nail my colours to the mast and declare myself a complete convert. The website simply did not do it any justice whatsoever, and we all had a great day. We actually spent just over five hours there, and if it hadn`t become very cold and windy, might well have stayed there longer, so the initial cost worked out to be quite reasonable.

The animal holdings were split into wild and farm, nicely mixed. We saw toggenburg goats,(I want one !)llamas, alpacas, Billy goats, miniature shetland ponies, meerkats, raccoons,oryx, mara, ringtailed lemurs, owls, guinea-pigs, rabbits, tortoises, iguanas, zebras, Brazilian tapirs (which were fantastic), lots of birds and rare-breed sheep.

There was a petting zoo for the little ones to hold some of the the smaller animals, and then came the fun bit of bottle-feeding the goat kids. This was brilliant fun for the adults as well as the children, and yes I did have a go !

In the undercover farm section there were donkeys, golden guernesey goats, lots of varieties of rare breed pigs, including some Tamworth piglets which share Helen`s birthday, and a gorgeous Jersey cow, which Helen and I had ago at milking. This was something I always wanted to do, but had never had chance to, and the keeper warned us that the first couple of tries are difficult as you have to wait for the cow to "let her milk down", a reflex many breastfeeding mothers will recognise. Helen managed it second go and I managed it first go, and yes, DH did capture it on the camcorder, LOL.
Pictures will follow in due course, I promise. I haven`t uploaded mine from the camera yet.

There was a huge indoor fairground complex, where most of the rides cost 50p each, but they were real old-fashioned traditional fair rides, witha glorious huge painted carousel of horses, swing chairs, a ghost train (which the girls loved), loads more inside, and outside, a ferris wheel. I`d never been on one, and we did go on it. It was scary (I would never go on a rollercoaster!) but the view from the top was amazing, and to my surprise, Abby loved it.

Several outdoor adventure playgrounds and one huge indoor one were hugely popular with the girls and gave us chance for a much-needed rest before heading back to the caravan to collapse in a crumpled heap, :-)
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Your holiday is sounding wonderful so far!