Saturday, September 09, 2006

Holidays Part One

On Friday afternoon, whilst we were packing ready to leave on Saturday, Abby complained that her mouth was hurting. With my heart in my own mouth, given the horrendous problems she has had in the past with her mouth, I asked her to open wide and investigated.

We were really surprised to see that one of her lower front teeth was wobbly ! She is not 5 till next month, so it really is earlier than average. Of course, she was a bit upset when I told her it would fall out until she realised that I meant only THAT tooth was going to fall out soon, not all her remaining teeth !

On Saturday morning, we took Basil to the kennels for the first time, and Abby broke her heart at being parted from him. I had to drag him into his pen at the kennels, and he was crying, which nearly broke my heart and made me want to take him straight home and cancel the holiday :-)
Coomon sense prevailed, though, and I heard the door clang behing him and walked back to the car, to be greeted with sobs from Abby because she missed "her boy" and wanted him back. She carried on like this for the full 15 minutes it took to drive home, and DH and I were rolling our eyes at each other in horrified anticiopation of the whole holiday being like this. We reassured her that Basil would love it there, and would be able to see his mum and dad, as he was bred there, and that he was just going on holidays as well. Mercifully this worked.

Car packed, we drove to pick up my mum, who was coming with us, and set off for Tenby. The wesather was vile; high winds and heavy rain, but we had a clear run for the journey and got there in an hour and twenty minutes.

We picked up our caravan keys and found our really nice luxury caravan, complete with power shower, double-glazing and central heating and three bedrooms. It was warmer than our house, LOL.

Having said that, it should have been, considering that we found out it would cost £45,000 to buy one of these caravans brand new. I know people buy them on Hire Purchase and rent then out for large parts of the year to cover the loan repayments, but that is more than I paid for my first house !

After we unpacked, we piled back in the car for the five minute trip into Tenby proper, which is an exquisite little town. A slide-show tour , courtesy of the BBc, can be found here

We stopped off for a meal, and Abby was getting well stuck in to a plate of sausage and chips when I thought she looked funny. I asked her to open her mouth and not only was the wobbly tooth gone (in less than 24 hours from the time it had started going wobbly, which amazed me), but a casual yet careful search of her plate revealed she had swallowed it.

Considerable reassurance was needed that the tooth fairy would understand that the tooth was in her tummy and not under her pillow that night, and to cut a long story short, the Tooth Fairy did visit her in the caravan.

More later......
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