Sunday, September 10, 2006

Further Thoughts on Feckless Fathers

Many thanks to Stacy for the link to a photo of the father I mentioned earlier.

Just in case anyone thinks I am criticising him for his family size, I am not.
I do not in any way take issue with the fact that he has 16 biological children and 4 step-children. Far from it.
What I take issue with is that he chooses to procreate freely with multiple partners and expects other people to work hard just to provide him with money to do so.

Multiple partners and no contraception is placing his own health and those of his partners` at risk. Period.
Many sexually transmitted diseases contracted by pregnant women can also be passed onto their unborn babies. Syphilis, Chlamydia, HIV, Herpes. There is a long list, and many of these diseases can cause horrific problems for unborn and newly-born infants. He does not believe in contraception, so obviously having multiple partners is a major risk for him and any of his partners.

Multiple partners means a constantly changing succession of new "parents" for children to have to deal with, which can cause emotional problems and does not provide a secure basis for a child`s development.

He "lost touch" with many of his kids for prolonged periods of time, and it took a photographer to get him back in touch with them. Does not sound like the actions of a good and loving father who cares for and supports his kids to me.

It is also very easy to look adoringly at an infant when there is a photographer to record the moment and cash to be gained by selling the photograph and the news stories........ anyone can do that. Doesn`t mean he is a functional and good father.

Sure, he "loves" his kids, and he is most likely a nice person, but he at the end of the day he is an alcoholic living solely on state benefits who is squandering the money the state gives him for his kids on alcohol and tattoos instead.

My husband loves our kids but he doesn`t feel the need to waste what little money we have spare on getting tattoos done of our family tree to prove it....... he would prefer to raise them up properly and make sure they are clothed and fed adequately instead.
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