Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Forensic Science

DD2 is happily attending college and studying a BTEC Forensic Science course.

She is the youngest on the course at just 17; the oldest are in their forties, just like me :-)

Last week they went to the police HQ in Blogsville to visit the forensic science deaprtment there, and they were asked "Have any of your friends or relatives been murdered in Blogtown(the adjacent town) within the last ten years?".
Rather a surprising question till they found that they were going to see graphically explicit crime-scene photographs of a rather brutal murder where the husband bludgeoned his wife to death with a lump-hammer. The officer just wanted to make sure none of them knew or were related to the victim in order to avoid causing undue distress.

In due course they will be taking "mock" crime-scene photographs themselves, amongst many other things, as well as watching some unpleasant movies (Silence of the Lambs etc) in order to study psychological profiling techniques.
They also were given souvenir embossed personal finger-prints.

I have to say, if I was in her shoes I would have been rather traumatised by the course, but she is a tough cookie.

Even if , at her belated birthday celebration last night she was delighted to get a chocolate caterpillar birthday cake , LOL.
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