Monday, August 14, 2006

Why Can`t Things Ever Be Simple?

I ask this question in relation to Rudi`s funeral which will eventually be held this coming Friday.The reason for the delay is that his widow couldn`t decide whether to have his body buried or cremated, and some prodding on the part of a loosely-connected family member.
He himself had said that he wanted to be buried, as their son was, in the same grave.
So why the question arises, I don`t know. Seems straightforward enough to me, there would be no higher costs because they already own the grave plot etc.

But he is now going to be cremated, at a crematorium *many* miles away from the family home and from the city where he worked and where his family and most of his friends still live. There is a perfectly good crematorium in that city, BTW.

My mind boggles, as it is going to make it all so difficult for his elderly friends to pay their last respects, and to be having two services in completely different towns on the same afternoon doesn`t make sense to me, but it`s not my decision.

DH was rather surprised, and said he felt there was a moral imperative - if not a legal one - to follow the explicitly stated wishes of the deceased. I have to say I agree with him.

I have already warned DH that if he even thinks about getting me cremated, I will come back and haunt him. He looked at me and laughed, and said he wouldn`t dare, LOL.

We have our grave plots chosen and paid for, and I hope to be laid to rest in accordance with the rites of Holy Church.
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