Saturday, August 26, 2006

Odds and ends

DD1 has returned from her camping holiday with her grandparents and had a great time despite inclement weather.

DD2 has had her GCSE results and did really well considering how much school she has missed due to illness (Glandular fever and cyclical migraines). She wants to leave school now and go to college to study Forensic Science. Sounds good to me:-)

DD4 has been to the hospital and they are happy to report that there appears to be no long-term dammage to her kidneys as a result of her really bad infections at Easter time, and they are happy to discharge her. Yay !!!!

Everyone is currently well, though the dog continues to chew everything in sight at every possible opportunity, LOL.
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Ian said...

Congrats to all, and to DD2 especially! Well done.

And I join in your laughing at the dog's antics. :)

Dave Holford said...

Congrats DD2 and what a blessing for DD4.

Now DDDoomHamster has gotten her A Level results (and congrats there, too), had a bit of a holiday, when is she going to get down to blogging?

Mimi said...

Yay! Good news all around. Thanks be to God!