Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Last night, I woke up in fear and trembling, from the worst nightmare I have ever had.
I console myself it was probably just the subconscious effects of watching House MD dvds late at night, but it was so graphic, it was scary.

Especially the bit where I had caught a young thug and was desperately trying to tie his hands together to stop him killing anyone else, and no passers-by would help me. They all averted their eyes and walked away.

When later on in the dream the young thug found his life being terminated by someone who had had enough of his antics, the other guy was arrested and charged with murder though his actions were in self-defence. When I remonstrated, I was told firmly by the court that this young thug had been stabbed through the heart and that made it all so much worse, and his young life had been snuffed short. The fact that he had gone on a killing and thieving rampage was obviously irrelevant.......

The worst thing is that I could actually envisage this sort of bleeding-heart liberal nonsense happening in real life.

The cure for the nightmare ? Praying the Midnight office and Matins.
I went back to sleep and slept like a baby.
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Laura said...

I'm glad the prayers helped.

I always sleep better after I say an Akathist...

Anonymous said...


I know what such dreams can be like. I have only seen House MD a few times on the telly. Believe me, he may be a good doctor but his bedside manner, well that leaves much to be desired. That in it self would be a nightmmare to me!

When I have such a dream I immediately wake myself up and make the sign of the cross then read something spiritual.

Several years ago I had a dream I was a young Jewish boy taken by the Nazi regime to a death camp. I shot straight up in bed like a bullet just at the moment I was being placed in 'the oven' alive. I was in such shock I couldn't move for several minutes. When I did the first thing I did was check my wrist (for prison number). Then I prayed. The dream was so real. I could see and hear the people and smell the smells. After about an hour I went back to sleep only to have the same dream repeat itself again.

I would be tormented by this dream on and off for over a year. The strange thing was that I had not seen anything about Hitler/Nazi's or the Holocaust around the time the nightmare first started occuring.

Mimi said...

What a great way to chase away the nightmare. Lord have Mercy.