Monday, August 21, 2006

Musical Items

I was reading Dave Holford`s insightful article on the X Factor TV show with great interest.

DH turned the TV on and we saw some of it. There truly are a lot of people who think they can sing well and they CAN`T ! Quite scary how easily people can delude themselves......

We have, as a family, been watching the live hunt for a new face to play Maria Von Trapp in Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber`s musical version of The Sound Of Music.
This is one of the very very few programmes which is even remotely suitable for family viewing, and we have been really enjoying it.
Saturday`s episode, however, was featuring the girls singing some rather more raunchy songs, which meant a swift removal from the room of the young ones till the offending items were safely past :-)

The contestants are now down to eight, and next Saturday will see another contestant leaving the show. Connie remains head and shoulders above all the rest, and I will be really surprised and disappointed if she doesn`t win. So, I suspect, will Andrew Lloyd-Webber.......
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1 comment:

Huw Raphael said...

ALW is doing the Sound of Music? Is he doing the O-H classic or writing new music? Any ideas? Is this going to be a "play w/ musical numbers" (which is what the classic was) or an opera - a la Evita?

Sorry... I've been out of NYC for so long the B'way news escapes me.