Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hello, Grasshopper !

No, not a reference to the old Kung-Fu TV series !

I was tidying up in the bedroom on Thursday when I saw something on the wall. I thought it was a spider, but on closer inspection it was bright green, so obviously not a spider :-0

Out came the trusty reference book, and it proved to be a Common Green Grasshopper, so duly armed with a chair, a cup and a piece of paper, I set off to capture it and release it in the garden, as befits my role as domestic livestock manager.

I took it outside once I had showed it to the children, who had never seen one close-up.

One of the notable things about grasshoppers is their agility and total inability to stay still or be captured, so I was amazed that this one crawled out of the cup onto my hand and just sat there for a moment before walking around. Of course, DD4 also wanted it to walk on her, so I showed her how to position her hand in order to encourage it to walk on her hand. I really wish I had taken a photo, for the expression of wonder on her little face was awesome in every sense of the word.

After a minute or two, off he hopped into the wilds of the garden, leaving us with precious memories of a special moment which will be savoured all the more because it may never be repeated.......
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Philippa said...

it's amazing to me how the small world of bugs are attracted to children. My girlfriend took her son to the zoo and they went into the butterfly house. she said within minutes he had a butterfly come and sit on his shoulder perfectly content, who then moved to his hand to drink the water he had cupped in his palm.

Truely the innocence of a child and the blessing of God.

Mimi said...

What a neat lesson