Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hard Work

DH and the girls and I go to our local branch of a fast food emporium fairly regularly, and there is one lady who works there who is a delight.

She has the scut job of bin emptying, tidying and cleaning, yet she always has a smile on her face, and works so very hard. She always stops to talk to all the children, gets them balloons or colouring stuff to keep them occupied whilst they wait for our food, and she is always cheerful and helpful, well above and beyone the course of duty.

DH and I felt that she is one of the unsung folk who work tremendously hard and get little public recognition for the role they play "behind the scenes" as it were, so we decided to write to the branch manager and say how impressed we have been with her.

When we visited yesterday, she rumbled who it was who had written and she thanked us, saying her manager had passed the letter onto Head Office. I am glad; it was a pleasure to be able to get her some public recognition of a necessary but unpleasant job well done.
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Dave Holford said...

I was visiting Livingston, Tennessee a number of years ago and I stopped for a burger at the local Hardee's. The girl at the counter was especially pleasant - not just with a suave customer like me, but with everyone. Before I left, I asked her name, because I wanted to write to her manager.

I had the opportunity to return to Livingston a couple of months later and of course ate again at the Hardee's. The same girl was working and she recognised me, thanked me for the letter and said the manager had sent it up to the district office and posted it in the staff area of the restaurant.

I was glad I'd made a little bit of a difference for her like she had for me.