Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Found Out By A Four-year Old

I am ashamed to say that my slovenly and obviously sub-standard house-keeping abilities have been rumbled by DD4.

Last night, after bedtime stories, she asked me to put the books back. I thought I had done my motherly duty by putting them by the bed, full of good intentions to shelve them properly this morning.
However, I was easily sidetracked this morning by praying Festal Orthros, helping the children to decorate the icon corner with flowers for the Feast, preparing breakfast and then the joys of catching up with my email and blogs. Not necessarily in that order, you undertsand, LOL.

Oh no. I was sternly rebuked this morning, with the aforesaid child asking me to put the current crop of stories back in her room, with the words "Don`t put them on the floor, Mum. Put them back properly on the giraffe bookcase please."

I am duly chastened and ashamed of my lazy ways :-)

This is also the child who not only makes her bed in the morning *as soon* as she gets out of it, but tidies her room daily and will even tidy her sister`s room if she doesn`t approve of its less than pristine state.

She definitely has more of my husband`s personality traits than she does of mine.........
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1 comment:

Mimi said...

Bwahahahahahahahahaha! They find us out.

Mine pointed out this morning that the tooth fairy forgot to come.

Happy Feast Day!