Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bubbling Thoughts

For the last few weeks I have been pondering a potential story, and it is slowly driving me mad. It isn`t developed enough to be worth starting to write it yet; I just have to wait patiently for it to gestate :-)

Would any of you be interested in reading a story based mainly on fact, about the life of a midwife in rural England in the 1930s and 1940s ?
I have an original midwife`s birth register for this period, with lots of raw data, which I would of course need to completely anonymise. I could also just anonymise it and analyse the raw data for a midwifery journal, but that wouldn`t be half as much fun, LOL.

I do already write stories for a fan site, but I am contemplating starting a new blog just for miscellaneous stories not associated with any particular genre.
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DebD said...

Ohh, I would be interested. But I love talking about birthin' babies!


magda said...

I would like to read such a story.

Mimi said...

YES! I'd love to read that!

Laura said...


I love that story gestating process!

Philippa said...

Absolutely! Go for it! I'd read it!

Susan said...

I just read this today.

I hope that you have proceeded with this project.

It would be an interesting read.