Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thoughts on Sunday

Hi Magda !
Thanks for stopping by.
For some reason, I was - and remain - so deeply moved by these things on Sunday.

I smile each time I recall them, reminded so intensely of the enormity of the blessings God has given and continues to give me, despite all my unworthiness.

I look at the innocent faith of my children, and the need to nurture that faith with every fibre of my being, to give them a foundation of sure belief and conviction to sustain them during their lives.

I look at the need to set them a good example, which I am painfully aware that I do not do very well sometimes:-(

It is truly a fearful and wondrous thing, to be a parent.

May God grant us all grace and help to raise up our children to the very best of our abilities !
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Mimi said...

It's incredibly humbling, isn't it? And, like you (or more than you, I should say) I fail myself a lot.

DebD said...

Good thoughts. I too so often lament my failure to be a good spiritual teacher and example to my children.


Laura said...

It is amazing! It's also funny how you can get rolled up in the rumble and tumble of life and forget all these things and suddenly you have an instant or two that brings it all back into focus...savor it!