Saturday, July 22, 2006

School`s Out For Summer

Yesterday was last day of school for our young ones till 7th September.

We were extremely sad to bid farewell to one of the staff, Mrs D, who is retiring to go live abroad. She is a truly lovely person and both the young ones are extremely fond of her.

The parents hosted a surprise party for her in school, and so the two youngest classes and parents had a picnic in the school grounds under the shelter of the big trees. It was great fun, but bitter-sweet.

Mrs D has been at the school for 26 years, and we will all miss her. The Head gave a super speech about her, and loads of photos were taken, including one of the two classes she has taught in the last two years, all sitting surrounding her on the grass.

May God grant her Many Years !
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1 comment:

Victoria said...

school was not out until july 21!! wow, we're so soft here in canada. the kids have been out since june 29, and in the us, since late may, early june.