Saturday, July 22, 2006


Basil the dog has been duly emasculated, and so has my wallet.

The cost of removing his testicles was £95, plus £6 for worming tablets, £22 for microchipping plus £5 refundable deposit for his enormous plastic ruff to stop him attacking his stitches. He goes back in just over a week to have his stitches removed.

He was wobbly after the anaesthetic, but pleased to see me and be back home. He seems to be fine now, but boy, does he hate that ruff collar........ and the fact that he can`t go for runs till after the stitches come out, but has to just have short walks on the lead.
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Anonymous said...

I hope Basil is up and about in no time.

And that your wallet regains its fullness also. :)

Mimi said...

Poor guy, I hope he feels better soon!

I am with Ian's wish for your wallet as well, and for cooler weather.