Friday, June 30, 2006

The Zoo

I have now just about recovered from our school trip to the Zoo on Wednesday :-)

We left at 09.22, and after being stuck in a queue for a while, we got into Bristol Zoo at 10.45. We had three hours at the zoo before journeying back home.

As Bristol Zoo only occupies a 12 acre site, they no longer keep any "big" animals like elephants or giraffes, though they do have a pair of lions and a breeding pair of gorillas, who this year have had a baby.
Conservation is a major part of the work, and they have extremely rare red pandas and okapis, which are part of breeding programmes and animals are regularly returned to the wild in safe habitats, which is brilliant. There are loads of small mammals and birds there too.

The seal and penguin enclosure is fantastic, and you walk in descending levels until you are actually underneath their swimming areas, whereupon you walk in a glass tunnel with them swimming around you,which is truly amazing.
There are also walk-through aviaries, where the birds and rare bats can fly around you.

We saw pretty much everything, except the giant tortoise and the aquariums (sob!), as Abby was exhausted by that stage and just wanted to sit quietly under the trees, which we did till it was time to catch the bus home. She thoroughly enjoyed the day, but slept most of the way home. She also slept a solid 11 hours that night too, which was nice.

Her parting comment ?
"Can we come back five more times, Mummy?"
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1 comment:

Mimi said...

How sweet! Hopefully you can go back to see the aquarium.

However, sitting under the tree sounds like a good plan.