Monday, June 19, 2006


Whilst DH and I were out shopping, we saw a man wearing a black T-shirt, emblazoned with the following words in white :

"No, I don`t suffer from Tourette`s syndrome. If I call you a f**king c**t it`s because you are."

I was stunned, I must admit.
How on earth anyone would have the nerve - or even worse, feel it is acceptable- to parade around wearing something like that defeats me.
I found it offensive in the extreme, for lots of reasons.

I must be getting old.......
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Anonymous said...

No: you just have good taste.

The mind boggles.

DebD said...

No its not you. The world is getting courser.


Victoria said...

what really galls me is that they have no regard for the children who are able to read their obscene message.
"Mommy, what's a ________ ?"
so so selfish and crude.

Anonymous said...


We live in a fallen, sad world. As a young man of 30 I find such things offensive. A boy that went to a school I attended had Tourette's Syndrome, and he didn't use words such as that. The man was a boor, full stop! May the Lord have mercy on us all!