Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Monastic Diurnal

My copy of the Monastic Diurnal arrived safely, and my DH has decided not just to contribute to the cost, but to pay the full amount, bless him.
This has left him worse-off to the tune of £40.......

It is a beautifully produced book, very comprehensive and a joy to handle. The rubrics are a little more complex than the Sarum rite Liturgy of the Hours prayer book I have been using, but to my delight SubDeacon Ben Anderson has set up a Yahoo group to give advice/help/discussions about using the Monastic Diurnal, with lots of information specifically oriented to those of us Orthodox who love the Western Rite heritage of the Undivided Church.
So we get to have Weekly listings of the Saints/Festivals according to the Ordo of the Antiochian Church`s Western Rite :-)

The six-million dollar question is when I get to put my greasy little paws on the book on a permanent basis, rather than just admiring it.....DH is getting his gift from me on Western Easter Sunday, so do I accept mine gratefully from him on the same day or possess my soul in patience till Pascha ?

Opinions please :-)
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Mimi said...

Oooh! Enjoy!