Friday, December 30, 2005

Family Ties

On Wednesday, after taking the children to a local fast-food outlet as their post-Christmas treat, DH and I were inspired to visit the local branch of Tesco, buy some flowers and go grave visiting, as he wasn`t well enough to do so before Christmas.

Suiting action to the idea, off we went, along the scenic route through the very large hills all the way to Porth, where my father-in-law is buried with many members of his family. We laid flowers there and sang Memory Eternal, and then I was inspired to boldly knock on the Sexton`s office door and ask him if he could help me to find a grave which I knew for a fact was there, that of my mother-in-law`s grandparents.

He looked rather surpised, but very kindly looked it up on his database and then got out an enormous grave register, the earliest entry dating back 150 years double-check. He even let me look, and lo and behold, in the very next-door grave to the one I was looking for were my mother-in-law`s great grandparents !

So I copied all the details down, and clutching the map which the Sexton kindly printed out for me, we set off to the very old section of the graveyard to lay flowers on these two unmarked family graves. The family was too poor to afford headstones.

So at long last we know the resting place of Mary Ann Beaverstock, died aged 25 years and buried on the 18 October 1904, two of her children, Evelyn ages 2 years and Thomas aged just 9 weeks, who died within two days of each other from Pneumonia and were buried together on 14 December 1899, and her husband Thomas who died aged 74 and was buried in 1949. All together in one grave. We have taken photographs and made careful notes.

On the way back, we visited my father`s grave and laid flowers for him too, and sang Memory Eternal.

None of them will be forgotten.
Memory eternal !!
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Mimi said...

May their Memories be Eternal!

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God for such generosity.

Memory eternal!

Dave Holford said...

May their memory be eternal!

I love grave finding. I have almost danced the dance of joy when I have discovered long-forgetten graves of ancestors - restrained only by the impropriety of dancing on someone grave, of course.

I have found a few while living over here, but sadly I'm about 4000 miles too far away to see them in person.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Dave, I know the dance of joy well !
When I got home, I looked up the cemetery on the Web , to be greeted with the words of warning "The Sexton does NOT do lok-ups!"
So I really was incredibly lucky.

Perhaps my sheer cheek / utter charm won him over.........but I did thank him profusely for his time and trouble, and I will write a letter of appreciation this week too.
He was very kind.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Sorry,that should read "look-ups" not "lok-ups" !!