Friday, December 23, 2005

Blast Update

My aunt and my cousins have been allowed to return to their house in Hemel Hempstead.
The company which owns the refinery is being held resposible for the blast and has had to pay for the damage caused to the houses.
My aunt`s house had all its windows and doors blown out by the force of the explosion.
The air pollution is still so bad that one of my cousins, who is a severe asthmatic, cannot leave the house even to go towork.................

But of course, we don`t hear about this on the news or in the papers. They have to live with the aftermath of the problem.

Please, of your charity, remember my uncle Tony in your prayers.
Christmas Eve will mark the 7th anniversary of his death, and my aunt will probably not be able to go to the cemetery to lay flowers on his grave, as the area was still "out-of-bounds" when my mother spoke to her on Wednesday.
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Mimi said...

May Tony's Memory be Eternal.

Ugh at the continued stress for those near the blast. Lord have Mercy!

Unknown said...

Memory Eternal!

Prayers going up!

Anonymous said...

Memory eternal!


And you are right about things fading out of the news... I'd imagined it had all been sorted. The pictures, and descriptions on the World Service, were horrifying.