Friday, November 25, 2005

Our Week

We awoke on Wednesday morning to really thick mist - we could not even see the houses across the street !
By the time we got ready to go to school, the mist was thick but clearing very slightly.

The most uncanny thing immediately obvious to us was the silence. .....
With the exception of the occasional car or lorry passing slowly, and the raucous cry of a seagull, we could neither see anyone else walking to school nor hear them. Even our footsteps were muffled by the fog.
It was beautiful, but creepy at the same time.

I had taken my camera with me, so for your delectation I will be posting some shots in the mist :-0

By lunchtime the mist had cleared and it became a lovely sunny day and even better, was quite warm after the cold Monday and Tuesday we had endured.

The weather forecast for the weekend promised cold winds and snow, so I went to town and bought the young ones new hats, scarves and gloves just in case..........we live on the coast, so snow is a real rarity, but best to be prepared !
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