Friday, November 25, 2005

Let It Snow !

On Thursday night the weather forecast was for cold weather and snow, much to the children`s delight.
Secretly, it was to mine as well.
Snow is a rarity here, living on the coast as we do, and if we get any at all, it is generally in Feb - March.
Certainly not in November !

Lying in bed, with my pyjamas on, I was hot. So hot that I got up and looked out of the window. No snow.
Later on that night, I could hear torrential rain. Gloomily, I thought to myself that the snow was a total non-starter, as surely the rain would make it impossible for any snow to stick.
I fell asleep again mentally grumbling.

I was awoken by a jubilant 7 year old screaming that it was snowing, and lo and behold, it was !
About two inches had fallen by 8am, so I had to take more photos....
It didn`t last, and the snow had mostly melted by teatime, but it was still a magical day.
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