Friday, October 07, 2005

Rat Sighting

As many of you already probably know, we live near a small lake, where there are lots of ducks and Canada geese. It is good bird-watching territory , especially in Autumn and Winter.

We`ve just had a fairly severe buffeting from the equinoctial storms, so I have been keeping my eyes wide open for any interesting birds around the pond each day when I have been taking the youngest two to school.
I did see something interesting, but it wasn`t bird-related..........

On two successive days, I have seen rats wandering around the railings, bold as brass, and quite obviously unafraid of me. They did move away, but they certainly weren`t running for thier lives !

Lots of people feed the ducks, and there must be rich pickings for the local rat population, but it was always a very rare occurrence to see a rat, period, let alone *several* rats at a time in broad daylight.

Uuuugh. They do give me the creeps.
I can`t help thinking about rat fleas being the vector for Black Death transmission.......not to mention Leptospirosis and other nasty diseases they can carry. Not to mention the unpleasant statistic that wherever you live, you are unlikely to be more than 6 feet away from a rat.
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