Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Many Years !

October 17th saw our youngest child, Abby, turn four.
I cannot believe where the time has gone.

She has the current cough/cold, so we kept her home yesterday as she was running a temperature.
We had a family party at teatime for her, so she had three grandparents, three aunts, two uncles and two cousins present plus her three siblings and DH and I.
Needless to say, the house was jam-packed full and despite paper plates for the food, still generated copious amounts of washing-up.
Everyone enjoyed it, especially the birthday girl, but DH and I are exhausted :-)
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Dave Holford said...

May god grant his handmaiden Abigail many years!

Dave Holford said...

Normally I spell God with a capital "G". :-o

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

LOL !!

Mimi said...

Many years to Abigail!

(My hubby's mom's birthday is the 17th)