Monday, October 10, 2005

Getting Plastered

No, not getting drunk :-0

We have just had bedroom 3 re-plastered, and bedroom 4 will hopefully be done later this week. Before then, though, we have to completely empty that room.
It will of course all have to go downstairs in the living room and study, so the house will be looking like a total bomb-site - again. The combined contents of two small children`s bedrooms stuck in our living space is not a pretty sight.

We have ordered new carpets for the two bedrooms, the landing and the stairs, and that, together with the plasterer`s costs has wiped out all our savings to the tune of £2,200.
The only consolation is that it will look great when it is done.

The carpets will be fitted in about two weeks, so that is the timescale we have for painting the walls and ceilings in the bedrooms.
I am pinning my hopes on having the house relatively normal looking in about three weeks.
I certainly hope so :-)
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Mimi said...

In a few weeks, when you look back, you'll love how it looks and this won't seem so bad in retrospect.

That thought gets me through a lot!

Steve Robinson said...

Yep. I remodel houses and we've been in one now for 4 months and have another two to go. I worked on one that, when I took over the project, had been going on for 18 months. The people lived in one bedroom and the entire rest of the house was gutted out. But after its done, no one remembers the pain, it just becomes a good story to tell over tea. :)