Monday, October 03, 2005

Full-Time School

Today is Abby`s first full-time day in school.
She went like a lamb this morning, bless her :-)
DD3 managed to leave her bag at home, which conatained her packed lunch and her homework which had to be handed in this morning, so no sooner had I dropped the girls at school than I had to gallop back home , pick up the wretched bag and go straight back down to school to hand it in.
It was *not* how I planned to celebrate my first day of relative freedom, but that`s life with kids for you, LOL.
Today is the first time I have been at home without a little one for nineteen and a half years. (The gap between DD2 and 3 was filled with me working full-time, in case you are wondering !)

Next stop was town, to pick up the new Terry Pratchett books and also to get my reserved book from the library (The Traveller, by John Twelve Hawks).
I treated myself to a capuccino and a fabulous slice of lemon torte at the cafe and then headed back home.

The real treat of the day`s freedom, however, has to have been the ability to watch- without interruptions !- the episode of ER in season 8 where Mark Greene spends his dying weeks with his family. Sounds morbid but it is one of the finest-written pieces of TV I have ever, ever, seen.
It is guaranteed to make me cry, and I did.

I have been trying to watch this episode for 10 days, but I can guarantee that as soon as it starts, something will happen to interrupt.
Today was no exception; the phone rang part way through.
Luckily it was a brief call ;-)

I am saving the new books for tonight......
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Mimi said...

My kids would leave their head...
enjoy the wonderful freedom, and enjoy the book!

Anonymous said...

mmm...capuccino and lemon torte. I'm hungry! ;-)

Enjoy the book!