Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Food Poisoning Update

So far, since Sept 18th,there have been 161 confirmed cases of E Coli -0157 food poisoning in our area, affecting 38 schools.
Sadly, the first death has occurred, a five year old boy, from kidney failure due to the highly dangerous toxins produced by this strain of E Coli bacteria.
Words fail me.
All foodstuffs supplied by the suspected source of infection have been ordered to be destroyed by all schools or institutions which received them, but still new cases appear, in part due to the appalling infectivity of this bacterium.

Death by school dinners sounds like a bad detective novel :-(

Lord, have mercy.
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1 comment:

Mimi said...

Lord have Mercy. May that boys' Memory be Eternal.

We had an Ecoli outbreak here about 12-13 years ago, it made me so worried about food and foodstuffs. I still panic out each Lent when it's my turn to bring the soup supper - killing my church family is my worst nightmare.