Sunday, October 23, 2005

Family News

Well, DD3 has now been ill for four nights and four days.

Last night, she was so unwell that I slept in her room with her, and I lay awake virtually all night , clutching my prayer rope and listening to her breathing, taking her to the bathroom to cough up copious amounts of disgusting gunge and reassuring her each time she woke up distressed.

At one point I was sufficiently concerned to get my stethoscope and check her lungs, which were mercifully clear. If they hadn`t been, she would have been on her way into hospital.
She is **much** better today, and her fever has finally gone, praise God !
She has been able to eat a good lunch and is looking very much better too.

I feel like a limp dishrag, but what`s new ? :-)
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