Friday, October 07, 2005

Cold Facts

This is getting bizarre, I know, but have you ever wondered **how** many times you blow your nose when you have a streaming cold ?
Not only have I wondered, but I undertook a survey when I had said filthy cold last week.

The things I do in the spirit of scientific enquiry :-)

In the first (and worst) 36 hours of my cold, I used 3 toilet rolls to blow my nose. (Andrex toilet rolls if you are sufficiently curious !)
I always use 2 sheets of toilet paper per blow, and there are 240 sheets of paper on each roll.
So we have a total of 720 sheets on 3 rolls, divided by 2 , giving a grand total of

********* 360********* episodes of nose-blowing in 36 hours.

10 nose-blowings per hour, including at night.

No wonder I was exhausted from lack of sleep, LOL.
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Mimi said...

Um, that's science indeed.

Unknown said...

This is absolutely hilarious! Not the fact that you had such a nasty cold Elizabeth, since I am sorry indeed that you suffered so. But that so much tissue is used in nose blowing. I shall need to conduct my own survey when/if I get a cold this season. Lord have mercy!

You are truly the best Elizabeth! The best!

Dave Holford said...

The sounds like something I would do. Using Charmin, though.