Friday, October 28, 2005

Cabin Fever

Sorry about that , folks, just doing some necessary venting :-)

DD3 is now fully recovered, Thank God.
She was ill from Wednesday evening last week to Monday this week, so she was in the house all the time. Monday and Tuesday we had torrential rain for 48 hours, prompting several flood warnings in our area. So we were all cooped up at home for the duration, and of course, this week is half-term holiday week.
Oh joy, oh bliss.

Mercifully Wednesday came, with only fine drizzle instead of torrential rain, so off we trotted to have lunch with my parents.
It was fresh air at last, but now the saga begins !

DD4 will happily and patiently stand at a bustop for half an hour without complaining, but DD3 is a busy bee and seems congenitally incapable of standing or sitting still for longer than a nanosecond. If we have ten minutes to wait, we will usually walk up to the next bus-stop.
We were walking between two bustops and our bus sailed gaily past.
Now the buses here won`t stop unless you are at the bustop, and this happened not just once, but twice, in five minutes , to my fury.
Heck, the wretched buses are supposed to be TWENTY MINUTES APART !

Time was a -creeping on, and we needed to get up to town to catch the connecting bus to my parents` home or we would be late for lunch.
Consequently I had to nag and cajole the two children to stop dawdling, walk faster etc pretty much all the way to town, which made them miserable and me feel even worse, knowing there wasnt any alternative.

We had a great time at my parents` and the they were delighted to have the company of the two boisterous young ones for a few hours.
It was good to have a break out of the house and to have some adult company :-)
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