Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Biter Bit.......

In a metaphorical sense :-0

Abby`s class is learning all about Taking Turns this term. It is a necessary part of their socialisation into the school environment, and most of them are grasping it well, including Abby.

They are now expecting to line up outside their classroom door when the buzzer sounds for start of school, then the teacher opens the door and the leader of the line is asked to take the class into their room. All good basic stuff here.
We tend to get to school early, so Abby is often first in the line. she will queue up patiently for five minutes before the buzzer sounds, in order to have the coveted task of leading her class in.

One morning this week, a little boy named Max just barged in front of everyone and strategically positioned himself in front of Abby a few seconds before the teacher opened the door. Her lip quivered but she let him do it. His mother just tittered and said "oh Max likes to be first doing everything" and SHE LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT .
So much for them learning to take turns, I thought grimly to myself.

Well, on Thursday, DH and I took Abby to school.
A little girl called Keeley was first in line, Abby was third.
Again, Max waited until just before the door was opened and barged in front of poor Keeley, who started to cry. Her mother was upset, the rest of us mums were getting a tad cross about this and the errant child`s mother just tittered again.

DH was appalled, and when he went to pick up DD3 , he saw the teacher and told her what was happening, and that some of the little ones were getting upset that they were taking turns and Max was not.

On Friday I took Abby to school, and Max was actually lining up properly at the front of the queue. Abby was again third.
Max got bored and wandered off to talk to someone, when the buzzer sounded and the door opened. Max raced back to claim his coveted place at the front, only to be told very firmly by the teacher that he was no longer first in the line so he had to wait for the others to go in first.
He again tried to shove his way in, and was gently reminded to wait.

In sheer annoyance, he lay on the floor in total silence until everyone had gone in and had to be coaxed to go into class..........
I think he may have learned that lesson now :-)

But whether his tittering mother has, goodness only knows.
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Carl F. King said...

Nice creative blog, keep up the good work.
See you soon!
Carl King

Anonymous said...

He he he. Parents can be worse than the kids at times, though. Not sure if it is the same over there, but here on sporting fields some parents are absolutely shocking!