Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bedroom Matters

Yesterday was a bedlam.
We were expecting a delivery of furniture for our bedroom - two chests of drawers and two double wardrobes.
It came at lunchtime, and DH and I spent the rest of the afternoon moving furniture around and then filling the wardrobes.
You might think this is unbelievably boring, but for us it was bliss. For the first time since we moved in this house , nineteen months ago, we have wardrobes !! No more clothes in bin bags, and no more bedroom mess :-)

Yippee ! We are *so* pleased.

We also emptied out six bags of clothes from the garage and sorted them ruthlessly
DH has gone to the refuse dump this morning to off-load the stuff we no longer want to the Salvation Army collection point.
It was nearly all his stuff, I hasten to add - he is a terrible hoarder.
I prune my clothes regularly.
This is the first time I have been able to coax him to do it in five years, LOL.
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