Friday, October 28, 2005

Animation Antics

To celebrate half-term, DH and I decided to take the small people to the cinema to see the new Wallace and Gromit film.

Having shelled out £17 for two adult and two child tickets, and £3.80 for a bucket of popcorn, we settled in our seats to enjoy. It opened with a short film starring the wonderful Madagascar penguins, who will be getting a full-length film of their own in 2007, so that is one cinema trip mentally booked already !

Wallace and Gromit were getting well and truly embroiled in their hair-raising encounter with the dreaded Were-Rabbit when the screen went blank and a loud speaker blared out :
"Due to circumstances beyond our control, we regret to inform you that you must all immediately leave the auditorium by the nearest fire-escape and proceed directly to the carpark !"

So we hustled up DD3 and 4 and followed the crowds to the carpark, well guided and marshalled by the cinema staff. We all milled around, wondering what the problem really was and whether we would get to see the end of our film. No smoke was visible.
One young girl said ruefully that their film had just started, with the notes of the intro dying away when they were all evicted....

DH sagely remarked that if it was a fire, the fire brigade were taking a long time to get to it, as we had now been outside for about ten minutes, when bang on cue, we heard the sirens. Only one tender was arriving, so we guessed it wasn`t serious.
DH was all for going home, but I pouted majorly, backed up by DD3 and 4, and he relented to wait another ten minutes, when we were allowed back in and our film resumed where it had left off.

It was all quite ironic, as the Aardman Animation warehouse building recently was completely destroyed by fire, along with the majority of all their painstakingly created sets and models.

I couldn`t get back into it in quite the same spirit after the interruption, but the little ones absolutely loved it.

Quite possibly the funniest part of the whole film was the scene where Wallace is sporting a box which is stamped "Warning : May contain Nuts", which reduced DH and I to giggling hysteria.

I would give it 8.5 out of 10.
Go and see. It was well worth the money !
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Huw Richardson said...

I rather enjoyed the dog fight with the pit bull and the change purse.

layne (herman) said...

On my wife and my wedding nite the hotel fire alarm went off... the funny part is that i left the room with my new bride in there to go check out what was going on.

No fire.