Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Summer Project

I am on a quest for two things, and have been so for many years.
One is the perfect cookbook, so I can get rid of all the others I have so laboriously collected, and the other is the perfect Prayer Book.

On the Prayer book front, my purchase of Fr Aidan`s Orthodox Prayers of Old England is pretty near perfect, I must say. I do, however, miss not having the treasures of the Eastern rite too.

What I am hoping to do is to type out and collate my own personal use loose-leaf prayer book combining all the Hours, both Western and Eastern, with addenda for Feasts and Saints days from the old Sarum breviary I have, plus morning and evening prayers from both traditions plus Preparation for Communion and Thanksgiving prayers, plus some Akathists and Canons. Basically all my favourite prayers from numerous sources.....
Ambitious, I know, but it will be great to have them in one place and easily portable, rather than having to lug around several tomes.
Wish me luck..........
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Mimi said...

Good luck!

Michael said...

Yes, good luck. It will be painstaking, because you will always find a "new" prayer that was previosly undiscovered, and you will want to add more as the time goes by, but then you will have a wonderful anthology of prayers so that" from east to west, a perfect sacrifice may be made" to the honour of God's name (to borrow from one of the RC Eucharistic Prayers).

I wish you well.