Monday, July 04, 2005

Praying The Hours

I have started praying the little hours (First, Third, Sixth , Ninth and Compline) as and when I am able to. Somedays I pray the Eastern Rite Hours and somedays the Western Rite Orthodox Hours of Prime, Terce, Sext ,None and Compline.
I am really enjoying praying the Psalms, which I had only a passing acquaintance with before. There truly seems to be a Psalm for everything in my life :-)

I am surprised at how little time it actually takes to do this on a daily basis - much less than one would think.
After all, I do have 24 hours each day, so one and a quarter hours a day for God in the Hours isn`t much, is it ?
I spend more time than that surfing the Net :-(
and I know which is the more beneficial for my soul :-)
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Huw Richardson said...

Time, indeed.

I had an (anglican) Monk comment to me "do you know how much time this takes?...)

I started reading 1st and 3rd (ER) in the AM and I discovered that it takes no more time than reading the morning prayers out of the Jordanville Prayerbook!

Kathismas now... those take time. :-)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Don`t they just !
I tried adding a kathisma to one of the Hours once. I was hoarse by the end :-0

Mimi said...

Wonderful! That sounds so peaceful!

Michael said...

What does Kathisma mean?

I agree about the time it takes. It isn't much compared to other things that I do, yet I often don't. This is due to laziness on my part for the most part. Occasionally I have a reasonable excuse, but I should try harder.

Good luck in your efforts.