Thursday, July 07, 2005


I have some good news...Nicholas is fine, Glory to God !!
I spoke to him a short while ago, and he had just got home.

His office is less than 2 mins walk away from where one of the bombs exploded. He was not hurt, one of his bosses was actually on the bus which blew up, and he walked away uninjured, which is surely a miracle.

Several of the office secretaries were on one of the trains which was bombed,and had to climb out of the tube train broken windows and walk through the tunnels to get out, but again not seriously hurt.

Their street was evacuated later in the morning due to a bomb scare, but all was ok.

I still haven`t been able to get hold of Elaine, which is worrying.......

We live at the other end of the country from London, so we are relatively safe, I suppose....if anywhere can be considered safe these days !
Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers, they mean a lot !
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Laura said...

Glad that you are all OK!

We will continue to hold you and England in our prayers!

Mimi said...


So glad you are getting good news. Continued prayers!