Saturday, July 09, 2005


Michael asked about the Kathismata.
This is the traditional Orthodox division of the Psalter for use in services, principally at Matins and Vespers.
It is especially used in monasteries where the entire psalter will be recited in one week, and in Lent, twice a week.
It can be tweaked by layfolk so it can be spread over much longer periods, eg just using one Kathisma division a day or week.

This link shows you the divisions for each day, and which Psalms are in each Kathisma.
There are specific prayers to be said between Kathismata, but I haven`t yet got that book.

Personal note to self:-
Must curb book-buying habit - even if they are liturgical books :-0
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Michael said...

Aha! Thank you, Elizabeth.

I have come across such a spreading of the psalter for the Office throughout the week in the western rite, but never knew the Eastern name for it. Thank you.