Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mercy Mission

Yesterday afternoon, as I was walking the girls back from school, we saw a hedgehog.
Just sitting on the path by the lake, in broad daylight, which is most suspicious for a hedgehog, as they are primarily nocturnal.
We stopped and watched it for a while, and it became obvious that there was something wrong with it. As it was breathing, bubbles of mucus emerged from its nose.

Problems :-
1/My knowledge of hedgehogs is minimal.
2/To take it to the Vet would cost me £50 just to walk in through the door, let alone the cost of any treatment.
3/The area around the pond is a hang-out zone for some rough youngsters, who certainly would take a pot-shot at the poor creature, if not use it as a football till it died.

What to do, was the quandary, till I had a brainwave - phone my ex-husband.
In the past he has nursed many injured birds back to health, and he has a large secluded garden with adequate natural food sources for a hedgehog.
He kindly agreed to come down and rescue the hedgehog, who is not yet full-grown, and take it back home with him.

I am pleased to report that today Bernie the hedgehog is resuming a proper nocturnal lifestyle and appears well :-)
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papa herman said...

sounds like it is all going good! i do not know anything about hedgehogs... will Bernie eventually start consuming the garden??? (i am only familiar with gophers.) or are they a good thing to have in the garden?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Herman-layne,
hedgehogs are great creatures to have in the garden ! They eat all sorts of nasty pests like slugs,and are known as the gardener`s friend !