Monday, May 30, 2005


I was appalled to read that the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln Cathedral have agreed to allow part of the movie of the Da Vinci Code to be filmed at the cathedral, on the grounds that they feel it will be a chance to publicise Christianity....

And of course for a hefty fee from the film company, but I`m sure that never entered the decison-making process at all.....

Hello ?????? Is anyone at home ?

The Dean said
"that there were two main approaches: that the Christian faith should be protected by not entering into the type of debate raised by The Da Vinci Code; or to take the book as an opportunity to proclaim the truth of the gospel.
We took the latter approach, and filming will take place in August in the nave, chapter house and cloister."
See here for the full story:-

A book that attempts to discredit everything that even Anglicans hold dear is seen as a chance to enhance the public profile of Christianity ? Just how, pray, does allowing the movie of the wretched piece of fiction to be filmed in a real cathedral act as an opportunity to proclaim the gospel ?
Pardon me for being thick, but I don`t think so.

Most non-church-going folks` understanding of Christianity could be put on a small postage stamp, and they simply do not have the knowledge of church history to be able to de-bunk the wretched book for the fiction it is.
The fact that clergy have allowed it to be filmed in a Cathedral is simply going to act as an endorsement for the veracity of the plot as far as many people are concerned.
I am foaming at the mouth here, folks.
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olympiada said...

Good foam at the mouth! That gives me permission to foam at the mouth for the things that bother me!