Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bouncy Castle

DH and I took my mother on a shopping trip today, to the local big shopping complex. It is only 10 minutes drive away, but if my mother goes by bus, it takes her 2 buses and 90 minutes travelling each way.
We were happy to take her shopping while DD3 was at her children`s club this morning.

It all started rather well till we saw the biggest bouncy castle I have ever seen in the middle of the complex. And I mean it was HUGE.
It was nearly as big as my garden :-), completely enclosed, with an entrance slit and an exit slit, each of which only opened to a width of 18 inches.

Needless to say DD4 simply had to go on it. That was fine, but the problem was when the owner had to get kids out so the next paying batch of customers could enter. Would my DD come out ? No way.
I had to go in, and grab the kicking and screaming child and carry her out.
It was ok up to the point of having to carry a suddenly octopoid child through an 18 inch wide gap.
Yep, you guessed it.
I squeezed through the gap, then promptly fell down the bouncy ramp head first in a somersault. Thanks to the padded ramps, DD and I sustained no injury at all, and actually it was quite fun, once I had got over being embarrassed at having made a fool of myself .....
I do wish they made bouncy castles for grownups :-)

And my mother got the things she wanted, which was good !
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