Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Royal Wedding

Prince Charles has at last made an honest woman of his long-term companion, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and they are now safely united in the bonds of Holy Matrimony.

I do find it ironic that the C of E will refuse them a marriage ceremony in Church, yet will give them a Service of Blessing after their marriage in a Register Office. Seems rather pointless to argue the issue in this way.
If they are not worthy of being married in church, surely they are not worthy of a blessing by the Church`s priests, either.......

Anyway, they have eventually got their act together, and done the decent thing at long last.
We watched the Blessing ceremony, and were pleased to see that a Russian singer (from an organisation of whom Prince Chrales is a Patron) was invited to sing a setting of the Nicene Creed in Russian.
Getting some Orthodoxy into the service via the back door, I suspect :-)
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Dave Holford said...

Though convoluted, this whole arrangement makes sense to me. The church couldn't officially condone a divorcee getting married. Once she is married she is no longer a divorcee. It is just another civil marriage being blessed.

You could say that as the service of blessing includes the general confession and absolution, everything in the past is wiped away. (Why the media made such a big deal of the confession I have no idea, as it is just a part of the BCP/ASB service. It wouldn't matter who they were or what their previous state of matrimony had been.) But I don't think that is really the point of it.

And yes, it is nice to see the situation sanctified, so to speak.

I think it is silly not to call her the Princess of Wales (which she is by law anyway), as I think she is less of a slapper than her predecessor in that title (Diana's doe eyes and "three in this marriage" interview notwithstanding).

Hopefully everyone will have forgotten all of the controversy by the time Charles takes the throne and Camilla will be Queen instead of this Princess Consort malarky. I'm not particularly a fan of the Duchess of Cornwall, but just let the law be the law and custom be custom.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Dave
I can`t help feeling it is all so "legalistic" in a RC canon law type of way.
To me, Orthodoxy `s use of economia and plain acceptance of the situation makes more sense and is actually far more humane.

And the penitential prayers for a second Orthodox wedding service really are penitential......

All that not withstanding, I do most sincerely wish Prince Charles and the Duchess long life and happiness.

Wouldn`t it be great if he actually gets round to becoming Orthodox one day :-)

Matt said...

He's a strange one on religion. On the one hand he seems to dig Holy Orthodoxy but on the other he has expressed the desire to chage the monarch's title to Defender of Faiths. But I'm an American. What do I know about royalty.