Monday, April 18, 2005

Potty Tales

I have had a very interesting few days potty-training Abby.
Before you all collapse in horror at the thought of a child aged 3 and a half not yet potty-trained, let me explain :-)

My elder three daughters all potty-trained very quickly at 2 1/2 years. No problem.
So last year, I got the potty.
Poor Abby just looked in horror at the endless puddles she was creating, as if to say "where on earth did **that** come from ?".
She simply was not ready, and considering that she was in constant pain with her teeth problems, it is hardly surprising.
She was also struggling with constipation , for which she has medication.
So we abandoned it for a few months.

Well, the problems with the teeth continued, and she has now had 3 general anaesthetics in 16 months for major urgent dental work due to the intense pain she has been enduring.
So the potty-training was put on the back burner.

Our consultant paediatrician amended her constipation medication when we saw her in Feb, and warned us that a prolonged period of constipation is virtually guaranteed to significantly delay potty-training, and not to worry about it.

To our surprise, on Thursday afternoon, Abby made it quite plain that she had now grasped the meaning of the signals from her bladder, and started to use her neglected potty.
She is progressing really well, and has only had two minor accidents since Thursday, because the potty wasn`t in the room where she was.
We have rectified that with a potty in every room, LOL.
She is so proud of herself, and it is lovely to see her happy and cheerful about the process....
She has been dry at night each night, for 13 hours...though we have not tempted fate by abandoning the night nappy just yet.......
We have even managed to do hour-long trips outside home, with success.
We are hoping that we have hit the jackpot :-)
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Sharon said...

All kids toilet train at different ages -- I think there's a wide range and it's all considered normal

Crossing my fingers for you though :)

Philippa said...

Whooooo-Hoooo! Go Abby! I'm tellin' ya, kids are ready when they're ready. Period. End of discussion. Good for her and great big hugs from across the pond.