Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Holiday !

Just for the record, I will say upfront that never, ever again will I agree to go on holiday in Holy Week.
I was grumpy at missing the services and I am not doing it again.
Despite that, we did have a good time.

We stayed at a very popular caravan park in Tenby called Kiln Park. It was the site of an old series of limestone kilns, hence the name. When the site became a caravan park, they kept the kilns :-)

After check-in, we drove to the pitch marked on the map.
Jaws dropped.
The map was re-checked by DH and myself, and we looked at each other and said "No, ours must be the caravan behind this one........"

It was a veritable palace !
Thirty-seven feet long, twelve feet wide and it had central heating !!
I kid you not, this caravan had 3 radiators and a living flame effect gas fire in the living/dining area, and all three of the bedrooms had radiators. Even the bathroom had a huge heated towel rail. Wow.
The hardships of the Fast ended right there.
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