Monday, April 11, 2005

Garden Notes

After Lunch, DH volunteered to do the heavy digging and plant our new bargains.
At our local Woolworths store, we managed to get dirt-cheap (pardon the pun) a load of shrubs and trees, at prices ranging from 50p to £1.00.
We are now the proud owners of ;-
2 Japanese Maple Trees (ok, they are only about 8 inches high, but what the heck...they will grow !);
A forsythia bush,
a Buddleia bush,
a baby Lilac tree,
4 Raspberry canes,
a thornless Blackberry bush,
a Gooseberry bush,
and 3 Grape vines
Even better, we got the lot for much less than £10.00 :-)
DH is now upstairs in bed, prostrate with exhaustion and psyching himself up ready for work in the morning.

I will be adding fervent prayers for protection from frost for my new baby plants to my evening prayers !
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Dave Holford said...

Wow. What a bargain!

I'd love to have raspberry canes in our back garden.

Philippa said...

I love forsythia bushes. They bloom for such a short time though. And I don't think Japanese maples get really big. Don't they get wider than they do tall? But they are so pretty and well worth the wait. Enjoy!!

Matt said...

I love British money. I just wish you guys still had farthings and crowns. I'm sure you find the decimal system more convenient, but the old system was so charming. Of course, I can say that, not ever having used it. Any way, I just love the idea of spending 50p on a plant. It sounds so humorously urilogical.