Saturday, April 09, 2005

Disaster Strikes Again


DD4 started to complain of pain in her upper jaw on Weds, on the opposite side to which she had all her problems in Feb this year.
I took her to the dentist, who said he thought she was starting another abscess, and he prescribed immediate high dose antibiotics.

I also emailed her wonderful consultant at the dental hospital, who kindly replied straightaway and said to bring little one in as soon as possible.
So Thursday saw a family outing to the Dental Hospital.

The consultant examined her, and said it was certainly possible an abscess was forming, but because of the metal caps on her molars, it was impossible to be sure without an X-ray of the jaw, which they thought was going to be very difficult to achieve because she is only 3.
We did try, but Abby became so distressed that the radiographer said she wasn`t happy to go ahead.

So the long and short is that Abby stays on antibiotics till Monday, along with antiseptic spray for her gums, and she will be reviewed in 2 weeks time.
If a problem develops in the meantime, she is to go straight to the dental hospital in working hours; out of hours she needs to go to the major hospital A&E dept where they have 24 hour a day access to oral surgeons for immediate treatment.

She is obviously in pain and we are worried sick in case her face starts to swell up again.
The consultant is worried as if she has surgery, this will be her 4th General Anaesthetic in 16 months, and each carries a single *and* cumulative risk, not to mention the fact that if this molar has to be removed, it will leave her with only one tooth in the whole of her upper jaw.

Even bigger sigh.
Folks, please keep praying......
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Laura said...

We will surely keep you and your daughter in our prayers.

Philippa said...

Oh Elizabeth, how discouraging. And it is so hard to watch your little one suffer with pain. Prayers going up. Lord have mercy!

Dave Holford said...

We will be praying more than daily until instructed otherwise.