Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Matt commented on how much he loved the old UK currency.
It sounds wonderful, but it was jolly awkward having to do Maths in it :-)
I have vivid memories of struggling to do currency sums using pounds, shillings and pence, and I never did get to grips with it.

I was probably the happiest person in Britain when decimalisation was introduced, and I was duly appalled when we still had to carry on using maths textbooks with old currency questions in them.
I was devastated, and complained bitterly to my teacher, to no avail.

I am convinced that my hatred of maths stems from that period in my young life, LOL !!
Luckily my husband has a degree in Maths and Computing, so he gets to do all the awkward stuff, and I write the business letters instead.
We make a good team :-)
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