Wednesday, March 02, 2005

St David`s Day

++++++++++++++A very happy St David`s Day to you all ! +++++++++++++

Today we have celebrated the feast day of our great national saint and patron, Dewi Sant , who was elevated to the episcopate at Jerusalem....a tremendous journey to undertake from Wales, in the 6th century !

St David was famous for his oft-repeated maxim,
"Be joyful, brothers and sisters. Keep your faith and do the little things.”
A most Orthodox sentiment :-)

The life of our great saint is nicely described here .

A great resource site about St David , particularly for teachers, can be found here .

The hymns for the Feast are :-

Troparion of St David Tone l
Having worked miracles in thy youth, founded monasteries and converted the pagans/ who had sought to destroy thee, O Father David,/ Christ our God blessed thee to receive the episcopate at the place of His Resurrection./ Intercede for us, that our lives may be blessed and our souls may be saved.

Kontakion of St David Tone 6
The living waters of godly discipline encompassed thee/ and the saving waters of faith flowed through thy teaching/ O Hierarch and Waterman David./ Symbolizing the baptism of Wales in thy life, thou art worthy of all praise,/ wherefore we keep festival in thy honour,/ glorifying thy eternal memory.
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