Friday, March 18, 2005

Sobering Reading

Last night, my DH took us to church for the Thursday Canon of St Andrew of Crete.
Wow !

This is the first time in 13 years of being Orthodox that I have ever been able to go, due to my beloved DH working away all week in previous years, and being dependent on non-existent public transport after 6 pm.
Now he has reduced his hours, he is home with the car on Thursday and Friday, so we went last night.

I repeat: Wow.

In order to conserve our unwell Presvytera`s voice for the chanting of the canon proper, Father delegated me as Reader for the Little Compline service.
Now, I have never read out loud before in church, so this was a novel experience for me. My DH assures me that it all went fine, and so does DD1.
It was an amazing and sobering experience, to be doing something *for* the Church by helping to lead the prayers. Presvytera stood near me and showed me what I needed to do, and when.
I cannot believe I did it, and I am glad it was sprung on me literally less than a minute before the service started, so I had no time to panic or to make an excuse to avoid it, which is what I would normally have thought about doing.
It truly was a sobering yet joyful responsibility to do the reading

I even survived the prostrations, but oh my ! This morning I felt like my back had been kicked by a mule. I am so stiff it is not true. :-)
How you all feel if you have been to the canon each evening this week, I cannot imagine....
I salute you !

Spiritual aerobics....wonderful stuff for body and soul.

Sure beats just exercise for the body !!
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Unknown said...

I enjoyed attending 2 of the 4 nights of the Canon/Compline this week. I also was able to attend 2 Pre-Sanctified Liturgies. What a joy to go to church so often in a week.

My thighs are a little tight from the up and down of the prostrations. It was very humbling to do them.